Dick Higgins

Dick Higgins (1938 – 1998)

Dick Higgins was an American artist, composer, art theorist and poet and another co-founder of Fluxus. Like many Fluxus members, Higgins was heavily influenced by John Cage under whom he trained, participating Cage’s music composition course. Higgins coined the neologism ‘intermedia’, which he used to define his artistic works:

“Much of the best work being produced today seems to fall between media. This is no accident. The concept of the separation between media arose in the renaissance. The idea that a painting is made of paint on canvas or that a sculpture should not be painted seems characteristic of the kind of social thought—categorizing and dividing society into nobility with its various subdivisions, untitled gentry, artisans, serfs and landless workers—which we call the feudal conception of the Great Chain of Being.”

Dick Higgins, 1966 essay published as the first Something Else Newsletter

Higgins was married to fellow Fluxus member, Alison Knowles, between 1960-1970; they both took part in the inaugural Fluxus festival in Wiesbaden in 1962.

In 1963, Higgins founded the Something Else Press (https://primaryinformation.org/product/popular-entertainmentsphilip-corner/), which was an early publisher of Concrete Poetry and texts. George Maciunas reportedly saw this as ‘competition’ and excluded Higgins from Fluxus. Higgins was a pioneer in using the computer for art-making.


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