FluxusMuseum Prize

FluxusMuseum Prize for Experimental Video 2024

What is FluxusMuseum?

FluxusMuseum is housed in the main section of the old Marble Factory by the yacht harbour of Parikia, on the Cycladic island of Paros, Greece. It is a place to explore a thread of ideas about life and be inspired by our unlimited capacity for invention. There is a vibrant local community and throughout the summer it is crowded with international visitors and depraved hedonists.

What is FluxusMuseum Prize?

FluxusMuseum Prize for Experimental Video is seeking proposals for experimental works. Selected proposals will be commissioned and featured in the first video exhibition at FluxusMuseum in July – August 2024, as well as being displayed on FluxusMuseum website, ensuring a wide reaching audience both in person and online. Films will be shown in our main exhibition hall and also on a continuous loop in our cinema for the duration of the exhibition.

We welcome all submissions that are in the experimental spirit of Fluxus, but not in any way bound by any particular understanding of Fluxus. Submissions do not need to reference Fluxus directly in any way.

In our selection process, we focus on the experimental and anomalous; works deviating from the expected norms of narrative structure; and works with originality, a strong visual style, and fresh spirit. Proposals can be submitted in the form of writing, storyboards or video outlines. 

Submitted films should be a maximum of 25 minutes, with no minimum length. 20-40 works will be selected. There are no submission fees.

Selected works will be commissioned for a fee of €600. Successful proposals will be selected by the Fluxus editorial team. On acceptance of a proposal the Fluxus Museum will pay €300 to commission the work and deliver a further €300 upon receiving the completed work.

The completed films will then be entered into a competition judged by FluxusMuseum audience both in person at the museum and online. Three prizes, 1 x €10,000 and 2 x €5000, will be awarded to the makers of the winning videos.

We won’t own your work or be able to sell it. We will retain the right to display it but you will always retain ownership.

Rules & Terms:

The exhibition of all accepted submissions will take place between April  – October 2024 in FluxusMuseum. Selected works will also be uploaded to https://fluxusmuseum.org/.

Submission deadline: 15th December 2023. Successful proposals will be informed by January 10th 2024 and then have until March 15th 2024 to provide completed work.

Upon selection the commissioned artists will be asked to read and sign a contract. They will then receive €300 paid by bank transfer and another €300 after submitting the finished work.

FluxusMuseum Prize for Experimental Video will be awarded by August 1st 2024.

Works must be original and have not yet been publicly screened. After  1st of October 2024  artists are welcomed to show their works elsewhere; however, FluxusMuseum will maintain long term rights to display the commissioned videos both in person and online.

Artists can submit up to two proposals for consideration.

Films meeting the prize’s requirements must be up to 25 minutes in length with no minimum length; be experimental in the spirit of the Fluxus group; and can be with or without audio, as FluxusMusem has spaces to accommodate either.

It is the filmmaker’s responsibility to obtain rights, clearances and permissions. FluxusMuseum assumes no responsibility for violation of copyright law. 

By submitting to FluxusMuseum Prize for Experimental Video 2024, entrants expressly grant FluxusMuseum the nonexclusive, royalty-free right to publish submitted material and meta material such as (but not limited to) film stills, the title and credits of the film, the director’s name, and excerpts of up to 30 seconds of the film (in single form or as part of a showreel) for advertising and promotional purposes. 

Entrants shall indemnify, defend and hold FluxusMuseum, its agents and its representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any breach of these representations, or arising out of any matter contained in the media or otherwise by the museum’s use of the media.

FAQ’s and Facts:

  • This call is open to anyone who lives and works anywhere in the world. There are no age restrictions. 
  • There is no requirement of formal academic degrees.
  • Collectives are eligible to apply. However, the commission fee/prize money would be allocated to the collective as a whole rather than individually should the proposed project be selected. 
  • FluxusMuseum cannot offer residential opportunities for participating artists during the exhibition. We can however suggest places that you might like to stay should you wish to come out to the island in person. 
  • Enquiries should be emailed to fluxusmuseumprize@gmail.com

Important Dates:

15th December 2023 – Midnight submission deadline

10th January 2024 – We will let successful applicants know if they have been successful, exchange contracts and arrange payment for the first half of the commission fee

15th March 2024 – Deadline for receiving video work. The remaining €300 paid to artists.

April – October 2024 – Exhibition takes place at FluxusMuseum and online

Major Prizes will be awarded by August 1st 2024