Robert Watts

Robert Watts (1923 – 1988)

“The invisible man of Fluxus and Pop”

Robert Watts (who was also known as Bob Watts and went by the moniker Doctor Bob) was an American artist who is best known for his work contributing to Fluxus.

The most important thing about Fluxus is that no one knows what it is. There should at least be something that the experts don’t understand. I see Fluxus whenever I go.” 

– Robert Watts

As a Professor of Art at Douglass College, Rutgers University, Watts was introduced to other teachers at the University including Allan Kaprow, Geoffrey Hendricks and Roy Lichtenstein. This has caused some critics to argue that pop art and conceptual art has its roots at Rutgers.

Together with George Brecht, Watts organised the proto-Fluxus ‘Yam Festival’ in May 1963. With George Maciunas, Watts played a central role in transforming Soho in New York into an artists’ quarter.



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