Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles (1933 – present)

‘It is important to remember that we are free to make art and poetry out of anything: a loaf of bread, some beans, a hasty jotting on the train.’

– Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles’s association with Fluxus began when she stopped painting and met a group of people at the New School who were studying with John Cage and had, as she has described, a “non ego” approach to art-making. Knowles was attracted to the spirit of collaboration imbued within Fluxus.

Knowles is well-known for her ‘event scores’; the real meaning of the event is in the experience and ‘happening’ of it. Event scores challenge the notion that ‘music is the score’: in buying a score in a music shop, you would only come away with a piece of paper, not the experience. Event scores were not to be conflated with improvisation.

One of her most famous pieces, Make a Salad involves the preparation of a salad on stage, which is then eaten by the audience. Knowles made salads at Tate Modern, the High Line, and Art Basel. The emphasis is on the experience; the art itself disappears. Knowles placed huge emphasis on the power of performance:

“For me, a piece is not really living unless it’s presented, whether it’s music or an event score”.

– Alison Knowles

The role of gender played an important part in Knowles’ earlier pieces, including Make a Salad:

“I was a married woman with two children. [Salad] was something that I loved and understood how to cook…It was something that I knew I could do on a stage that maybe a man couldn’t do as well.”

– Alison Knowles
Make A Salad
Make A Salad (2008)

Knowles married fellow Fluxus artist Dick Higgins in 1960; they divorced later in 1970.

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