Eric Andersen

Eric Andersen (1940 – present)

Eric Andersen is a Danish artist associated with the Fluxus movement; he is considered to be one of the intermedia art pioneers. Andersen deemed art to be a constant exploration of human expression given that the world is constantly changing.

In 1962, Andersen participated in one of the early concerts organised by Fluxus, which was held during the Festum Fluxorum in the Nikolai Kirke (Nicolas Church) in Copenhagen. He also contributed to the first Fluxus publication, ‘The Roll’. From 1962 to 1966 he worked closely with Arthur Køpcke.

In 1964, Andersen travelled around Central and Eastern Europe and introduced local artists and musicians to Fluxus. In the same year, Andersen assisted Joseph Beuys in a performance at Galerie René Block, Berlin.

In the late 1960s, Andersen turned to mail art; in the 1970s, Andersen was concerned with geographical space.



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